Sunderpari Hair Wash

A Complete Nourishment for Hair

Timely application and proper use of sunderpari ayurvedic hair wash while naturally nourishes and cleanse your scalp and hair ir also safeguards your scalp and skin of hair from the damaging effect of infection, growth of fungus, irritation (burning sensation) dandruff and dryness. It is time tested old practice to use of ritha, shikakai, bhrigraj, heena, amla, tulsi & neem for the care of scalp and skin of the hair.

The quality of these used natural herbs affects favourably on scalp & the skin of hair in 2 ways:

  • It Imparts Dense, Dark, Glossy, Lustrous And Longer Hair.
  • Never Any Problem To The Scalp And The Skin Of Hair Such As Infection, Growth Of Fungus, Irritation (burning Sensation), Dandruff, Dryness And Thinner & Lifeless Exhausted Hair.

Regular use of Sunderpari Ayurvedic Hair Wash naturally nourishes and cleanse the scalp and hair, stops hair-fall and naturally strengthens the hair and make them healthy, dense, dark, glossy, lustrous and longer.

Sunderpari Ayurvedic Hair Wash while gives luster and shine on your lively beautiful hair is naturally pleasant-smelling and its after use aroma lasts longer and keeps you fresh and confidant throughout.

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